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We can make your projects come to life, we can level and reshape your grounds, create pavements and pathways. Give your driveways and parking spaces a refresh. We can level out the ground with our digger and lay a thick coat of rubble or aggregate which can then be compacted down with rollers and wacker plates, your ground is then ready for the surfacing of your choice which could be stone chippings and decorative gravel, asphalt, or tarmac.

Our experience can help with your landscaping requirements, we can do any garden levelling, filling, or shaping for you. We also specialize in terrace and retaining wall preparation, we can also fill in or building up lawns, gardens, and construction areas.

Whatever the requirements for your property, we will smooth out and level, fill in concaves, create contours. We have reliable and suitable earth moving and ground levelling equipment and can discuss with your exact needs.

With Daffy’s Diggers, you can create the contours you want or level the ground to allow better drainage, getting rid of unwanted undulations, trenches, or marshy hollows. If your section is on a slope, we can level an area to make it flat. Whether you want to create a terraced garden on a steep section with retaining walls, or a flatten area to reduce flooding, we can do it on time and on budget.

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